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Positive behaviour for learning

Positive behaviour for learning

A positive school environment, where all students are included and feel safe and supported improves student learning outcomes. 

Every member of the school community (school staff, parents and students) has a role to play in creating a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment, where students can learn and achieve.

What is positive behaviour for learning?

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is implemented to improve the learning and wellbeing of all students in all school settings. 

PBL is a whole school approach for creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which students can learn and develop. This approach involves the whole school community working together. Students are empowered to participate in decision-making through active involvement in the school's leadership of PBL.

All staff are responsible for teaching the behaviour expectations, providing consistent, positive feedback to students, and delivering consistent corrective feedback and consequences when expectations are not followed. The entire school, including the classroom, playground, canteen, library and office are considered part of the total learning environment. (Wellbeing and Learning NSW Department of Education)

Positive behaviour for learning at Rosehill Public School

Our mission statement

At Rosehill Public School we maintain a culture of care, respect and enrichment and support all students to become successful learners, creative and effective problem solvers and cooperative, confident and informed members of the community.

At Rosehill Public School, we are currently evaluating and relaunching our school's positive behaviour for learning policy. This has been a long process of collaboration, and gathering of information from our schools, parents and staff. As a result of this consultation process we have developed a new school code. 

Our new school code

We are safe

We are respectful

We are learners

We always care

Behaviour matrix

The Behaviour Matrix is the central framework for the teaching of expected behaviours in areas around the school. The matrix defines our code through action statements which are explicitly taught and constantly reinforced. 

Infants Matrix (PDF 186 KB)

Primary Matrix (PDF 187 KB)